Andrea Qualls

Experienced Media Professional

Feature Producer (November, 2001 – February, 2003)
FLW Outdoors
Dempsey Film Group
Little Rock, AR

Produced segment features for the weekly, nationally televised program “FLW Outdoors” which followed the Wal-Mart FLW Bass Fishing Tournaments across America.

Key Accomplishments

Conceptualized and produced national sponsor tie-ins for the program to generate revenue and secure new sponsors.

Increased productivity, and reduced costs by transitioning the show’s production team from a time consuming, high-end commercial operation style to a more efficient ENG style more appropriately suited for the rigorous on-location shoots and tight weekly timeline.

Selected to produce (write, coordinate on-air talent, set up location videography, and edit) a feature for National Take A Kid Fishing Day that was aired on the program, and in 1065 Wal-Mart stores nationwide in Spring 2002.

Weekly Responsibilities

Produced segment features:
* Created ideas and concepts for program features
* Researched potential guests, features and program ideas
* Copywriting
* Approved scripts – screening for potential legal issues
* Scheduled production personnel for studio and location shoots
* Directed on-air talent
* Supervised edit sessions and voice-over work
* Provided shooting and editing support as needed

Coordinated production for segment features:
* Location scouting
* Booked travel for in-house production personnel and free-lance videographers
* Tracked and submitted expenses
* Secured b-roll from 3rd party organizations as necessary
* Logged footage, organized program assets

Assisted in selecting and training free-lance camera operators

Edited performance highlights under tight deadlines (often 30 minutes or less) for live playback at tournament events.